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Position Optimization

Grab and go! That can be one method of how to scan, but it may be wiser to give a little consideration to the ergonomics of what you do when performing an ultrasound exam. Read more

Policies & Procedures

For some of us, P&P’s are exciting and for some of us, maybe not. Through our partner brand, Equip Leaders Now, we have created a set of P&P’s based on accreditation guidelines and medical standards. The exciting part is, we come to you. You may not be aware of it, but P&P’s should be done with a team. With a team approach, organizational ownership of the P&P’s is sure to happen. More involvement equals more understanding. 

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Time to Begin

Las Vegas                                 June 2014
Las Vegas                                August 2014
Georgia                                   September 2014

Intermediate Training

Las Vegas                                July 2014
Las Vegas                                September 2014
Las Vegas                                October 2014

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